Twenty foreign coaches apply for Zambia coaching position

Twenty foreign coaches have so far applied for the Zambia national team top job that was left vacant after Italian Dario Bonetti was sacked on October 10. 

Among them is former Namibia national team coach, Tom Saintfeit from Belgium.

Saintfeit, who was also part of the applicants before Bonetti was hired last year, took over the Namibian job from the late Ben Bamfuchile.

Portuguese Mariano Barreto has also again applied for the chipolopolo job, which has only so far attracted applicants from Europe.

No African or local coaches have applied yet.

Others on the list are former Netherlands left winger, Henk Ten Cate, who was at the helm of Dutch top-side Ajax during the 2007/2009 season.

Before joining Ajax, Cate was assistant coach at Spanish top club Barcelona in 2003 to 2006 and later joined English Premiership side Chelsea in the same capacity in the 2007/2008 season.

Former German striker Klaus Toppmoeller has also applied for the job. Toppmoeller started his coaching career in 1987 at FSV Salmrohr. He became coach of Eintracht Frankfurt until 1994 when he was dismissed.

Others that have applied are Jean Tissen (Belgium), Gareth Lloyd, James Baird (England), Anthony Dumas (Brazil), Manuel Garcia Calderon, David Vidal (Spain), Peter Obermeyer, Christian Schweichler (German), Zabora Alexander (Ukraine), Jaos Dias (Portugal), Simeon Efremor (Serbia), Denis Goavec (France), Ivo Sajh-Schuch (Alberto Bigon), Marco Delgrosso and Flavio Ferraria (Italy).


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