Two arrested for trying to sell fake $47,000

The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested crooks who were trying to sell counterfeit US Dollars amounting to 47,000.

DEC spokesperson John Nyawali says Ronald Ngalwie, aged 54 and his 46-year old partner Justine Kabeya 46 were arrested at the Lusaka Main Post Office.

The two had the notes in hundred dollar bills when they were caught as they were trying to sell the counterfeits to unsuspecting people.

And  a 23 year old businessman of Libala Township in Lusaka has been arrested for being in possession of heroin.

Kelvin Nasier Phiri was arrested after being found with seven sachets of heroine.

Mr. Phiri was arrested from Soweto market after a long trail as he attempted to sale the contraband to some people, said Nyawali.

Nyawali further disclosed that 60 people were arrested countrywide in the last seven days for trafficking in different quantities of cannabis with a total weight of 100 kilograms.

Among those arrested was a 36 year old man of Chibolya Township in Mufulira who was found with 20 kilograms of loose cannabis.

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