Two defilers jailed for 17 years each

The Chipata High Court has sentenced two Chipata men aged 23 and 21 to 17 years imprisonment each for defiling a 14-year-old girl.
Kelvin Banda, 23, and Michael Mwale, 21, were charged with one count each, for defiling the girl in April this year.
Banda and Mwale defiled the girl in a bush.
The victim was said to be Banda’s girlfriend.
Banda grabbed the girl in a bush and forcibly removed her underwear, but she managed to run.
He managed to capture the girl with the help of Mwale, amuna ngao, ngao for real.
The two then took turns in defiling her.
They claimed to have had carnal knowledge of the girl because they believed she was aged above 16.
However, the under-five card produced before the court showed that the girl was 14 years old.
Lusaka-based High Court judge William Mweemba on Friday found the two guilty and sentenced them to 17 years imprisonment each with hard labour with effect from April 14, 2015.
In the same court, Mr Justice Mweemba also sentenced a Chipata man to seven years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a motor vehicle.
“The convict is a second offender who is serving another sentence of theft of motor vehicle. These sentences will run one after another,” he said.

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