Two Kabwe PF MP’s shun select committee

Two Patriotic front Members of Parliament for Bwacha Constituency and Kabwe Central Constituency in Central Province of Zambia on Friday 28/03/14 disappointed members of The Parliamentary Select Committee on Governance and Justice when they stayed away from sittings.

Bwacha Member of Parliament Sydney Mushanga and his counterpart for Kabwe Central Constituency James Kapyanga were supposed to arrange for a public meeting in Kabwe on Gender Based Violence but they did not do so there by annoying the members of the select committee headed by Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu.

Apart from the two being absent, they did also not convene members of the public. Apart from the two MP’s all councilors were also absent.

Some members of the Select Committee have told the Zambian Watchdog that the absence of the two MP’s is a clear sign that the Patriotic Front can not  marshal any more support in the provincial capital of Central Province. ” We were supposed to have some sittings on Gender Based Violence here in Kabwe. Statistics show that the highest number of reported cases on GBV is in Central Province especially Kabwe. Reasons being the presence of two Army Barracks. The two MP’s were mandated to organise members of the public so that they can interact with us and make submissions but it is very disappointing that both MP’s and their councilors are nowhere to be seen. The members of the public say they were not aware” the source said.

The source said it was very disappointing for a large team of MP’s on the select committee to travel to Kabwe for nothing. ” It is very disappointing. Imagine how many of us traveling all the way from Lusaka to Kabwe for nothing. Is this not wasting public resources. They could have told us. This is wasting the already few resources. We are very disappointed with the two PF MP’s and the President should discipline them. Donors and NGO’s have been complaining about increased cases of GBV and we wanted to interact with the public so that we know what necessary legislation to put in place. May be the two MP’s are perpetrators of GBV that is why the stayed away” another MP said.


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