Two PF cadres die on campaign trail

An accident involving a canter truck carrying Patriotic Front (PF) members resulted in two deaths Saturday night on the old Mumbwa Road about 7km from landless corner.

The canter was ferrying PF cadres on a campaign trail for aspiring candidate for Keembe constituency Catherine Chilonda.

Several other people were injured and rushed to Mwachisompola Hospital and later to Liteta Hospital.

The cause of the accident has not yet been established but a witness told the Watchdog that empty beer sachets (tujilijili) and bottles were found scattered at the accident scene.

The canter is believed to belong to Headman Mpengaulan, the brother to the PF candidate. It is believed that headman Mpengaula was also involved in the same accident.

Last month, scores of PF cadres in North-western province died while being ferried to a PF rally addressed by party president Michael Sata.

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