Two Police Inspectors arrested for soliciting bribes

Two senior Zambia police investigators have been arrested for soliciting bribes from a person they were investigating.
The Anti-corruption Commission has arrested Chief Inspector Mabvuto Nguni and Chief Inspector Evarisato Chisanza both investigators in the Zambia police service.
Police sources have disclosed that the two solicited and did receive K32 Million from a suspect in the motor vehicle fraud case in which Amcor security has lost over K3 billion.
A former Managing director of Amcor is said to have masterminded a scam in which brand new 4+4 vehicles belonging to Amcor were fraudulently sold.
The police investigators were expected to track the people who bought the vehicles fraudulently in order to nab all the criminals.
But the police resorted to asking for bribes. In this case, they asked one of the persons who bought a vehicle to bribe them. They promised him that once he gives them the money, they will let him have the car and find a way to make him get away with the stolen vehicle.
But the suspect, who could have bought the vehicle innocently decided to report the matter to the ACC.
Sources say most of the police officers in the concerned unit were involved in the scam but that the two were arrested because they are the ones who collected the bribe money.
The ACC is said to be still investigating the matter so that all those officers who were involved can be arrested. One investigator was questioned but released.
And sources say that the arrested police officers are hit men of a very senior police boss who has been trying to secure their release.
Sources further say that the police investigators involved are the same ones who were investigation the Mathew Mohan murder case.
Mathew Mohan is accused of murdering Sajid Itowala. His trial was characterized by heavy corruption by police officers, judicial officers, family members and politicians from inception.
His trial ended last year but the judgment has not been passed. Mahon himself is in prison for other crimes he has committed.

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