Two separate riots break out in Solwezi

A  heavy Riot has erupted in Solwezi after a police officer  from Mutanda Police Post hit a girl at Chawama market area and left the girl dead.

Another riot was by the same time taking place in the same town at Solwezi Techical school where pupils rioted against dirty on their premises.

In the town centre riot, the police officer allegedly crushed the girl but when she fell with breaking limbs, the police officer ran over her again by reversing the car thereby  finishing the girl’s breath while onlookers screamed.

No Police has been seen anywhere nearby but rioters were by 11: 30 advancing to Chawama police station to demand justice on the police officer.

‘Fire burning in the one way road is on right now. I have failed to take pictures due to heavy
riots and no vehicle is passing through coming to town from Lumwana-Mwinilunga, Kasempa Mufumbwe road or going out through the same road. The situation is tense,’ said one person caught in the riots.

At Solwezi Technical School pupils are looting nearby shops  and demanding good sanitation and hygiene.

The school is said to be in filthy state. It was almost closed by the ministry of health due to pathetic status of the Kitchen, Dormitories and dinning hall but the head teacher asked for lenience because the school had just opened. The headteacher had asked the office of the Permanent Secretary  to look into the plight of children, and blamed the government for failing to renovate the school

Solwezi Technical School is the only secondary school which offers pure sciences in the whole North-western Province. They have also taken advantage to even wanting loot some shops saying
we have no mealie meal and they have started killing us deliberately.

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