Two Sesheke youths arrested for distributing ultimatum letter given to Sata

Two Barotseland National Youth League Sesheke Region executive members were Tuesday arrested and detained for distributing the 21 days ultimatum letter their national executive earlier last week wrote and served to President Michael Sata of Zambia in which they demanded that he withdraws his Zambian administration from Barotseland within 21 days, according to Barotse Post.

Mr. Siseho Sibiho chairman and his secretary Mr. Tobias Lubasi were arrested and detained for distributing what the police termed as “Seditious Material” when the two were distributing the said letter at a public gathering organized by Zambia Justice Forum in Sesheke .

Also in attendance at this meeting were the district commissioner and several other high Zambian government officials. Seizing the opportunity of the public gathering the two BNYL youths started distributing as many copies of the letter to as many as they could reach, including the government officials, until the police arrested them at around 09:00hrs.

However, the two rejected the charge and detention, insisting that both the arrest and detention were unlawful because such a case did not exist in Barotseland. They insisted, when interrogated at the police station, that the Zambian law could not be applied on them as Barotseland Nationals, and no such law existed in Barotseland.

It was after such defiance that the duo was later released at around 15:00hrs

When reached for a comment on this matter and that of the arrest of their counterparts in the Barotse Freedom Movement, the Secretary General of the Barotseland National Youth League, Mr. Nayoto, said they were locked in a meeting in which serious resolutions would be reached and that the resolutions reached would be made public tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon.

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