Two years of PF has been a disaster – Fr Bwalya

The first two years of the PF regime has been a total disaster, says Fr. Frank Bwalya.

Fr. Bwalwa was quoted by radio Phoenix early Friday morning saying even the seemingly good policies introduced by the PF have been implemented haphazardly.

Next week on Friday, the PF would have clocked exactly two years in power.

But Fr. Bwalya said the country had expected that after one year, the PF would have stabilised and started doing things in a coordinated manner. He said that after two years, it is clear that this is just the way the PF operates.

He said the creation of new districts, which in itself would have been a good thing was done haphazardly. He said the subsidies on fuel and maize was also done without order.

‘It is confusion and confusion after confusion’ said Father Bwalya.

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