Two Zambian women arrested in Malawi over cannabis

Two Zambian nationals have been arrested in Malawi and charged with being in possession of 850 kilogrammes of cannabis.

Press Secretary at the Zambia Embassy in Malawi, Chansa Kabwela, said in a statement that Phoebe Moyo of Chipata district was nabbed by the Malawi police at a roadblock after the driver of the vehicle that she had hired to transport the drug alerted them about the drugs.

Kabwela said Moyo was nabbed when the driver of the vehicle tipped the police of her involvement to transport the drugs from an area called Mzimba in Malawi to Lundazi in Zambia.

She said Moyo had packed the drugs in 17 bags weighing 50 kilogrammes each.

The bags have since been confiscated and sent to Chitedze Research Station in Lilongwe.

Kabwela said in another incident, Hilda Phiri of Lundazi was arrested by police in Mzimba after she was found in possession with 90 kilogramme bags of cannabis on June 5.

Phiri was arrested when the vehicle that she hired to transport the drugs was impounded at a road block a tip from members of the public.

This was when she was moving the drugs from Mgozga to Lundazi after

She said in 2010, Phiri was again arrested with another Zambian for being in possession of cannabis and was jailed for eight months with an option of a fine.

She had opted to pay the fine and was released.

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