Two Zambian women arrested in Pakistan; hid drugs in vagina

Two Zambian women have been arrested in Karachi Pakistan for drug trafficking.
Angela Sainsaka, 26, and Angela Kazamba, 29, were arrested at Jinnah International Airport for trafficking in 260 grams each of heroin.
Zambia Drug Enforcement Commission Public Relations Manager John Nyawali confirmed that the two ladies had concealed the drugs in their private parts enroute to South Africa.
Ms. Sainsaka, a student and Ms. Kazamba, a tailor by profession are believed to have obtained the narcotic drugs from a town called Lahore in Pakistan.
They are currently detained in that country.
Meanwhile, Nyawali says the DEC has arrested a couple of Kamwala South in Lusaka for impersonating D.E.C officers.
Patrick Phiri, 34, and Jennifer Phiri, 33, were arrested in Mazabuka district of Southern province.
The couple extorted a total of K3.5 million from three different families by purporting to be D.E.C who had arrested close family members of the targeted families.
The couple got money by claiming that they would drop the charges of drug trafficking for the purported arrested if they were paid some money.
They are currently detained in Police custody and will appear in court soon.

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