Two Zambians arrested in Zim for stealing copper cables

Two Zambians have been arrested in Zimbabwe for illegally entering that country and stealing TelOne overhead copper cables on several occasions.

Lovemore Sakala (47) of Kanyelele compound and Henry Kasongo (40) of Game compound in Siavonga, Zambia, were arrested recently at Lomagundi Lakeside Association in Kariba , Zimbabwe following a tip-off to the Border Control Unit and detectives.

They have since appeared before Kariba magistrate Mr Felix Chauromwe for initial remand facing seven counts of theft and entering and exiting the country through undesignated points.

The Zimbabwean State, led by prosecutor Mr Garudzo Ziyaduma, alleges that on January 22, the two entered the country through Lower Zambezi River and left the country the following day using the same point.

During that period the two cut 500 metres x 60 core of TelOne overhead copper cables worth US$2 750 on poles near Batonga turn-off along the Makuti-Kariba road and crossed back into Zambia where it allegedly has a ready market.

On March 16, the two again entered the country using the same illegal point. They allegedly cut 150m x 80 core of TelOne overhead cables worth about US$900 and returned to Zambia the following day.

Their luck finally ran out when they crossed into the country again on August 16, when they were arrested at Lomagundi Lakeside Association by detectives and members of the Border Control Unit working on a tip-off from some members of the public.

They revealed during interviews that they were from Zambia but failed to produce any travel documents leading police to the Lower Zambezi entry and exit point.

The two then led police to Batonga turn-off where they indicated that they stole cables in the area on two previous occasions and checks made with the Border Control Unit confirmed that the dates and places correspond with reported cases.

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