Typhoid breaks out in Lundazi

Typhoid has broken out at Chigona and Malepule villages in chief Kapichila in Lundazi district, three people have since died and 37 people have been infected by the disease .

Lundazi District Commissioner Janet Mvula confirmed the outbreak of Typhoid and said the disease broke out two weeks ago where two people died after contracting the disease while third person died in Chipata.

She disclosed that when typhoid broke out at Chigona and Malepula villages, people of the affected villages didn’t seek any medical  treatment  at either Kapichila or Mukomba   health centres in chief Kapichila, while a third person a relative to the deceased victims left for Chipata after burial, whilst there died of typhoid.

The DC attributed the outbreak of typhoid disease at Chingona and Malepula villages to poor sanitation and said the two affected villages have no single toilet built or any water washing basin to wash hands  after answering the call of nature.

A senior government official further disclosed that 37 suspected patients current on treatment were recorded from other health centres such as Mukomba, Chikomeni, Urban and Muchereka clinics.

Mrs. Mvula disclosed that people from four villages were the most affected, named villages as Chigona,  Malepula in chief Kapichila, Dosoloni in chief Chikomeni and Canine  in chief  Mphamba.

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