Typhoid breaks out in military barracks

Confirmed typhoid cases have been recorded at Kabwe’s Chindwin barracks with most cases coming from the newly built housing complex. No deaths have been recorded.
Medical personnel from the Garrison hospital confirmed to the Zambian Watchdog.
“We have been receiving cases of suspected typhoid and after conducting tests it was proven that it was typhoid and most cases are being referred to Kabwe general hospital where patients are being treated,” said the source.
Central province Acting Medical officer Dr. Abel Kabalo last week confirmed the typhoid outbreak but told reporters that the outbreak was under control.
The source also said the soldiers were living under poor hygienic conditions in the housing units recently built by a Chinese contractor and that they were facing inconsistent power outages as they had no stand by generator.
“When we moved here, we were told that candles are not allowed because the materials used are highly flammable, but with these consistent power outages how do we live when power goes out in the night, some of us have babies?” complained the source.
On the generator set the army command requested that soldiers must pay for the equipment but soldiers objected to the proposal.
Improved welfare conditions for the men in uniform was one of the key campaign messages that dictator Michael Sata talked about but so far mealie meal subsidies have been cut and they are being asked to pay for electricity.

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