Typhoid now in Chipata

Stakeholders in Chipata District have been urged to put resources together to combat typhoid fever which has broken out in the district. This is in a springing up of the disaese which has been reported in other parts of Zambia like Lundazi, Mpulungu and Kabwe of late.

District Medical Officer, Davies Simwaba, said members of the District Epidemic Preparedness Committee (DEPC) should come on board and provide necessities to prevent the disease from spreading from sources of outbreaks to other areas.

He was speaking during an emergency District Epidemic Preparedness meeting held at Chipata Municipal Council chamber in Chipata today.

And during the meeting, members raised concerns about water and sanitation at Saturday market, one of the biggest trading places in the district.

The members said Saturday Market was a place where most people bought food stuffs, adding that the place had poor water supply and sanitation.

And Dr Simwaba said his office was struggling with environmental diagnosis because the alleged sources of infection were not known as cases were coming from areas spread apart.

He said Chiparamba, Champhande, Kapata and Mchini health facilities which were spread apart, recorded cases of typhoid, saying it was difficult to carry out an environmental diagnosis because cases were coming from all over the places.

‘’It is giving us a headache to make follow-ups because cases are coming from all over the places,’’ said Dr Simwaba  who also added that three patients were currently undergoing treatment at Chipata General Hospital.

On Tuesday, Eastern Province Medical Officer, Kennedy Malama, disclosed that five people had died of typhoid in Lundazi and Chipata Districts while 26 cases have been recorded in the two districts.

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