U.S. email lottery scam hits Zambia

A scam in which Zambians are being informed that they had won a lottery to go the United States had been unearthed with the U. S. Embassy in Zambia, which vows to institute investigations to trace the source of the scam.

There have been numerous emails informing Zambians that they have won the Diversity Visa Lottery called Green Card to go to that country.

The U. S. Embassy in Zambia said in a statement released on Thursday that law enforcement agencies have since launched investigations into the scam, saying the U.S. government has not notified any winners by email or requested that payments be made to foreign “embassy agents.”

The embassy, the statement said, had received “numerous inquiries” from Zambians regarding the email messages and has since cautioned recipients not to send any money for visa processing through a Western Union account.

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