U.S urges Government to enact FOI

The Barack Obama Administration has appealed to the Zambian Government to ensure it puts the Freedom of Information Bill (FOI) in place.

U.S Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said it is sad to note that though Government committed itself to the law several years ago it has not been implemented till now.

Clinton said Zambia, being a democratic nation should enact the bill as there is need for people to have access to information and freedom of speech.

She noted that citizens should be free to probe and question those in authority without fear of being harassed or tortured.

Clinton noted that for a nation to develop people should participate in activities freely and ask questions which should be answered by those in power so that people make informed decisions.

The U.S Secretary further appealed to all African Governments to ensure they enact the FOI so that citizens are free to probe them and demand what they feel is right for them.

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