UBZ Refreshed

UBZ Refreshed

United Bus Company Zambia – Refreshed

UBZ Bus, also known as United Bus Company Of Zambia, was founded many years ago to serve travelers and other customers between Lusaka (Zambia) and other cities.

They ceased operations several years prior to 2020, when they came back with a new power to retake the Transportation Industry in Zambia in partnership with Savenda Group. To be able to compete with giant corporations, they have made major changes to their fleet and management.

UBZ Bus Zambia Fleet Line
With the most power to import modern and luxury vehicles, the company is able to rise again in the Transportation Industry. Their fleet consists mainly of Irizar buses with Scania Chassis. They also have Irizar I6s with Luxury and Semi-luxury classes, as well as many onboard features.

The interior design of the buses is unique to ensure a comfortable and stylish journey to all destinations. Here are some of the features and services offered by UBZ Bus:

2 by 2 Reclining Seats with Enough Legroom
Arm Rest for Comfortable Travel
Multiple Television For Entertainment
Modern & Good Sound System for Music & Listening
Overhead reading lights & speakers
Internet Services Providers Get Free WiFi
USB Charging System on Every Seat
Enjoy Free Drinks and Snacks, including Coffee
UBZ Bus Zambia Service Line
Daily passenger transfer services are offered in Zambia, starting in Lusaka and ending in other cities & towns in the country. There are bus services that run regularly with morning and afternoon departures at all the Bus terminals in the country.

They offer Passengers transfer services as well as Parcels transfer at fair prices to all cities and towns along their routes. Booking UBZ Bus Tickets is possible at their offices, which are located at all bus stops and terminals.

You can either book your ticket on the travel date or pre-book your Ticket a few days prior to the travel date. This will allow you to plan your trip.

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