UCZ is never antagonistic to govt-RB

President Rupiah Banda has thanked the United Church of Zambia for constructively advising the government whenever necessary.

Mr Banda said he was pleased to note that the United Church of Zambia (U.C.Z) has never taken an antagonistic stance in advising government.

The President paid tribute to the leadership of the Church for embracing the spirit of dialogue in contributing to the development of the country.

Speaking during the 100 years centinary memorial celebration of the Coillard Church building of the United Church of Zambia in Livingstone today, President Banda said government cherished the work of the mission under the United Church of Zambia (UCZ).

The President who said this in a speech read on his behalf by Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha observed that government would continue to work together with the Church.

Mr Banda thanked the United Church of Zambia for working hand in hand with the government adding that the contribution of the Church to the development of the country had been very visible especially in the areas of education, agriculture, Health and general poverty reduction.

”It is through the mission work that the Church has been able to influence the attainment of the country’s independence. It is also through the Church that this country has been able to be united and enjoy peace and tranquility,” he said.

Mr Banda urged the Church to continue providing spiritual leadership and cooperating with the government of the day adding that the Church should continue working with the government in key sectors such as agriculture, health and education.

Speaking earlier, Reverand Louis Sipalo said he was happy with the manner in which government was working to develop the country’s economy.

Reverand Sipalo also said the Church was happy with the manner in which government had continued to cement relations with the Church adding that sometimes government differed with the Church but noted that they differed to agree.

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