Ugandan in 6 hours erection after taking Zambian energy drink

Ugandan in 6 hours erection after taking Zambian energy drink

An energy drink manufactured in Zambia and exported to Uganda has been found to contain Viagra, a sexual boaster.

The drink, known in Zambia as ‘Natural Power’ and manufactured by Revin Zambia has been declared impure by the Ugandan National Drug Authority as it contains Viagra .

The power drink is common among Zambian men who drink it as a form of a sex boaster.
According to the Ugandan agencies, the drink contains sildenafil citrate (Viagra )

The Ugandan agency was prompted to investigate after one person drunk Natural Power but ended up experiencing an erection for six hours straight.

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    six hours atase us tigikisa 12hrs kulinda chabe

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    On a lighter note: This Ugandan man! How many hours was he short of to be entered in Guinness World Records? Or could he have been disqualified for using illicit beverage.

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    mwape kumwenda kanyini kuchepa

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    By Cde Mainda Simataa
    Prime TV viewers don’t know it yet, but they will see it, if not sense it sooner than later. Station proprietor and Managing Director Gerald Shawa (top left) has fallen from grace. Shawa is now a PF media man. Shawa was once a media hero as he stood firm against all forms of intimidation from the PF, IBA, Police and all PF supporters who spent sleepless nights accusing Prime TV of being pro-UPND because of its fearless, objective, and often PF-critical news reporting and programming.

    However, it has now come to light that Shawa, the boss man behind the scenes fell out with Hakainde Hichilema and UPND because of what he terms as ‘lack of financial and political support’ for his TV station who’s dominance is being fiercly challenged by Costa Mwansa and Mutubila’s DIAMOND TV, which itself is receiving heavy funding from PF billionaire businessman, Bokani Soko – aka Mr Fire-tender supplier!
    It is Shawa’s newfound love for PF funding and vindictive hate for UPND because they don’t give him enough money, that has caused Shawa to target and frustrate journalists whom he considers UPND-aligned and Anti-PF; top among them – Veteran journalist Kasebamashila (bottom left) now former Prime TV staffer, first NEWS ANALYST and initiator/producer of INTROSPECTION and the popular OXYGEN of DEMOCRACY. Also target and now offloaded, is Hardline and hard hitting political reporter and OXYGEN of DEMOCRACY anchorman – Kalani Muchima (top right).
    The above two journalists who were critical components of the Prime TV engine room, and also avowed opponents of the PF oppressive regime are no longer with Prime TV. Kasebamashila was the first to be sidelined by Shawa four months ago when he was suddenly ‘reassigned’ from he’s program presentation and features without explanation.

    Kaseba subsequently resigned after realizing Shawa was carrying out a witch-hunt and elimination excercise of replacing ‘disobedient’ founding Prime journalists with ‘neutral’ MUVI TV journalists – an expensive exercise which led Kalani Muchima to explode with rage in the editing room when he discovered that Shawa was paying Miss Mwape Kumwenda (former MUVI TV reporter and other new news-comers) twice more than him – K3,000 pa payslip, plus another K3,000 behind closed doors. Compare this to the mere K3,000 paid to the founding Prime TV guys who sweated blood to make Prime a favorite and trusted household and news source TV channel it is.
    Shawa, after learning that Kalani had discovered his secret dealings with PF, Mwape Kumwenda and his bias treatment of certain journalists, called Kalani for a disciplinary hearing without allowing him representation or exculpation. Shawa verbally suspended Kalani and asked him to surrender all station property – ID, car keys, camera, Dictaphone and press pass before asking him to reapply for his contract renewal for 2019! Kalani sensed his days at Prime where over, and he handed in his resignation letter.

    However Shawa was not satisfied with ‘firing’ Kalani – he wanted to finish him off from the UPND media team which is ran by Mark Simuwe (middle right) by leaking a story to HH saying Kalani had secret meetings with PF President Lungu’s special assistant for press, Amos Chanda! Actually, truth is that it was Shawa who authorized and sent KALANI to meet Amos, and Amos sent back a message to Shawa with five words asking – “HOW CAN WE WORK TOGETHER?”
    It is also alleged that Mark Simuwe who has now replaced Kaseba as lead news analyst at Prime has been spotted with PF Media Director Antonia Mwanza on several awkward occasions, and might be double-dealing the PF and UPND – eating from two pots, while secretly facilitating the PF capture of Prime TV while charging Prime TV ‘consultancy’ fees!
    What is certain now is that Shawa, is now getting heavy funding from the PF – working with them as Amos and Antonia want, such that he recently travelled to Dubai with a PF official to buy expensive modern broadcasting equipment, and he’s miraculously rich and able to now charter flights for himself and prime journalists, as well as bid for top of the cream media talent, having only lost out to DIAMOND TV for the services of former MUVI talent, Innocent Phiri!

    HH is expected to also pull a few strings of his own for his boy KALANI, or else COSTA MWANSA of Diamond or PF Media will certainly take him since they have been hunting him down for 5 years. Now they have him in a place where he can consider “working with them” just like Shawa, if HH doesn’t do anything for him soon!
    Shame on Shawa for betraying Prime TV and it’s viewers for money, and not using the same satanic money to pay off these hard-working and long-serving journalists their terminal benefits before they move on.

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    ahh cuuume to meee and read my name im horny cuuuuuuuume