Ugandans insult Lungu for telling them to accept dictator Mueseveni

Ugandans insult Lungu for telling them to accept dictator Mueseveni

Ugandan are insulting Zambia’s outgoing president Edgar Lungu on social media for interfering in the internal affairs of that country.Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 07.12.31

Lungu who is in Uganda to witness the inauguration of that country’ s dictator Yoweri Museveni angered Ugandans when he told opposition supporters to accept defeat.

Lungu also advised the opposition to change their candidate saying he has failed to win elections.

According to the daily Monitor, Lungu told Ugandans to love Museveni and go to celebrate his victory.

“Let the opposition parties accept the will of the people and accept the win of president Museveni because he went through elections and won,” said Mr Lungu.

Lngu seemed to take a swipe at Dr Kizza Besigye who came second in the February 18 presidential elections.

“If you have a football club, you can’t use only one striker who doesn’t score. My advice to them [opposition] is to accept the win and also change the striker because he has failed to score for all these years he has been on the football ground,” said Mr Lungu.

Dr Besigye has challenged president Museveni for the country’s top job four times although he has never accepted defeat.

Lungu also advised Ugandans to love their president and attend his ceremony as he swears in for his 5th term at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds tomorrow.

But according to comments on the Daily Monitor, 99% of Ugandans who reacted condemned Lungu for his statement and advised him to stay away from Ugandan politics which he does not understand.

One person told Lungu that he does not know what he was talking about because Uganda has experienced war before and such matters are very sensitive to them.

Kamithi said ‘This fool where has he come? Is this what Zambia ahas to offer? We thought we Ugandans were worse off in terms of leadership but is this the leader of Zambia’?

Dolindo said ‘He should know that this is Uganda not Zambia, he should take his big mouth back to his country because he doesn’t know what he has come to witness.

Was he among the international observers to start commenting on issue he doesnt know? For his information, the elect president is Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye. He got 54% and the person whom he has com to attend his swearing ceremony, got 44%. Before speaking he should have first researched well about the trends of Uganda politics.’

Another person said: ‘Lungu you would be better served if you stuck to drinking your enguli. Leave Uganda to Ugandans. You come to wine and dine with mcheveni at the expense of poor Ugandan taxpayers and then you tell us what to do – No No No!!!!!!!’

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