UK issues warning on security situation in Zambia

UK issues warning on security situation in Zambia

Safety and security

Political situation

There have been demonstrations, riots and civil disturbances across Zambia, including in parts of Lusaka, Chingola and the Copperbelt region. Security forces have been deployed and there are reports of the use of live rounds to disperse demonstrators in Lusaka, resulting in the death of a passerby on 15 February 2020. You should exercise increased caution, follow the instructions of local authorities and avoid all demonstrations, riots, protests and unofficial roadblocks.

The unrest follows a series of attacks on private residences, schools and other properties, some of which have included the use of gas by perpetrators. You should be vigilant, make sure your accommodation is secure and check security arrangements in your local area. If you’re affected by an incident involving gas, seek medical assistance immediately and report it to the local authorities. Monitor local media and this travel advice for updates.

A general election took place in August 2016. The presidential result was disputed by the main opposition party, leading to large-scale protests. In April 2017, the main opposition leader was charged with treason, which heightened political tensions and increased the risk of civil unrest. This charge has since been dropped. Small gatherings of opposition supporters can still take place outside the main courthouse compound in Lusaka to coincide with court judgements. You should exercise caution, avoid any political rallies and demonstrations and monitor local media.

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