UK provides K130m to fight child under-nutrition in Zambia

UK provides K130m to fight child under-nutrition in Zambia

womenThe UK Government is investing  K130 million (£15 million) to reduce under-nutrition among young children and women of child-bearing age.

The money will go to the new national First 1000 Most Critical Days Programme, launched by Vice President Guy Scott on 3rd April. UK support will focus on at least 14 districts with very high levels of under-nutrition and deprivation, and will support the National Food and Nutrition Commission and the five Ministries responsible for nutrition.

As Chair of the G8 this year, Britain has made it a priority for this group of the world’s wealthiest countries to reduce the number of children who suffer from hunger and under-nutrition around the world.

Jointly with other cooperating partners, the UK will establish a Scaling Up Nutrition Fund in Zambia. The SUN Fund will align donor resources behind the new national First 1000 Most Critical Days Programme. It will support evidence-based district nutrition plans, NGOs, academia and other organisations working to tackle under-nutrition in the country. It will also support rigorous monitoring of the programme to see what works in Zambia in order to improve the effectiveness of the fight against under-nutrition.

Mr. Kevin Quinlan, Head of DFID’s office in Zambia said:

“Zambia has one of the highest rates of childhood under-nutrition in the world.  Nearly half of Zambian children are stunted, having suffered chronic malnutrition during the vital first 1000 days from conception to age two.  In this context, we are delighted to be working with the Zambian Government in its efforts to reduce these very high levels of under-nutrition and ensure that all children have an opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives in line with its Vision 2030.”

The British High Commissioner, Mr James Thornton, also added:

“As part of our G8 commitments, the UK will be hosting a top-level Global Food and Nutrition Event on 8 June, at which we are seeking to drive global action to reduce hunger and malnutrition.  The President of Zambia has been invited to attend this event to continue the commitment the government has already demonstrated by the launch of this programme.”

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