UK responds to hunger disaster in Zambia

UK responds to hunger disaster in Zambia

UK Government issues emergency humanitarian support to Zambia

The United Kingdom (UK) through its development agency DFID has issued a humanitarian emergency fund to support Civil Society organisations and Church to distribute relief food to the more than 1.7 million Zambians currently threatened with hunger.
UPND president this week declared the hunger situation a national disaster while the government is denying.
Information Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says there is no hunger in Zambia because no one has so far died.
Its it emergency response, the UK government observes that 1.7 million people are threatened with hunger.

See call for proposals below issued today by the UK government …

Eligible organisations:
Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
Value of funding:
More than £1,000,000
What the fund will achieve
How to apply
Background information on the fund
Zambia is currently experiencing a drought affecting in excess of 1.7 million people. DFID Zambia is open to receiving proposals from NGOs with capacity to deliver emergency drought response activities in the worst affected districts in the sectors of food security, livelihoods and water. As the UK is already working with UNICEF in selected districts to set up emergency cash transfers and support for treatment of acute malnutrition, additional proposals for these activities are not sought at this time.

What the fund will achieve
Emergency humanitarian assistance on food security, livelihoods and water in drought affected areas of
See below :

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