UK says not investigating Larry Mweetwa

UK says not investigating Larry Mweetwa

Larry Mweetwa

UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office says it is not investigating London based UPND supporter Larry Mweetwa.

On July 8, 2017, Zambian high commissioner to UK Muyeba Chikonde formally reported Mweetwa to the Protocol Directorate of UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office saying he is a terrorist. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is the equivalent of Zambia’s ministry of foreign affairs.

Muyeba Chikonde also ‘reported’ Mweetwa’ to Cressida Dick, the head of Metropolitan Police, one of the various types of police forces in UK.

But John Brunskill, the Press Officer (Consular & Crisis) at the foreign and commonwealth office told the Watchdog that ‘the Foreign & Commonwealth Office doesn’t have the ability to investigate crimes.  If someone believes that a crime has been committed in the UK, they should alert the UK Police, who have the jurisdiction to do this.’

The Watchdog is also pursuing the Metropolitan police over the same case but initial result show that the Chikonde’s ‘complaint’  has been trashed for lack of substance and being irregular.

In UK, there is a set procedure on how things are done. For example, if you want to report what you think is a crime, you simply call the police or walk into the police station and file a complaint. You do not write formal letters to the head of the police even if you think you are an important person from Africa. The head (commissioner) of the metropolitan police deals with administrative matters while arresting suspects is the job of police officers.

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