UK sends retired civil servant to Zambia’s independence anniversary

The United Kingdom has sent a retired civil servant as representative at Zambia’s 50th independence anniversary.

China is sending a deputy chairperson of a parliamentary committee while Malawi is sending a former president.

This is in contrast to earlier announcements by government that six heads of states and government and other high ranking foreign government officials would gather in Zambia this Friday.

Apart Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, no other head of state has ever visited Zambia from the time Sata became president. Mugabe has also stopped traveling to Zambia, apparently.

This is most because of Zambia’s declining respect on the international scene whereby invited presidents can altogether reject the invitations or send junior officials or retired men and women.

According to a statement from the British High Commission in Lusaka,Lord Turnbull has been appointed as the UK’s Special Representative to the 50th anniversary celebrations in Zambia.

The statement explained that ‘Lord Turnbull is a former head of the Civil Service in the UK with strong links to Zambia where he worked as an economist in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Foreign Trade in 1968. He has visited the country regularly ever since.’

Lord Turnbull, born Andrew Turnbull, is also the Chair of the Zambia Orphans of AIDS UK, a charity registered in the UK to help orphans of AIDS to reach their full potential.

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