ULP to merge with other political party after polls

United Liberal Party (ULP) President Sakwiba Sikota says his party stands ready to discuss the idea of merging with the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) or any other party it shall prefer.

Sikota, who is currently on a campaign trail with President Rupiah Banda, said the merging will be addressed in a sober manner, that is after the September 20 elections.

He said ULP will choose a party that is visionary as it is and share common ideologies and values so that they will work together for the good of the Zambian people.

In addition, Sikota challenged Patriotic Front Aspiring Kabwata Member of Parliament (MP) Given Lubinda to produce evidence concerning his allegations that Universal Printing Group, a South African Company contracted to print Zambia’s ballot papers for the tripartite elections is a corrupt institution.

The ULP leader noted that if Lubinda is a responsible citizen he will publish the evidence so that the nation is informed and to avoid people acting on rumours.

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