UN accuses Zambia of breaking international refugee law

UN accuses Zambia of breaking international refugee law


The United Nations (UN) has started investigating Zambia for abrogating international law when it arrested and sent back Zimbabwean nationals who were seeking asylum in Zambia.

The asylum seekers were led by that country’s opposition leader Tendai Biti.

The UN  says returning an asylum seeker to a country where he/she is fleeing is a serious violation of international refugee law.

The USA has already threatened to impose sanctions on Zambia and the Watchdog understands that EU countries might do the same.

But the Zambian government has already said it does not regret sending the asylum seekers to their enemies.

Zambian government spokeswoman Dora Siliya says Zambia does not keep criminals like Biti who are fleeing the law.

Siliya said Zambia is a sovereign state and can’t be bullied by colonial powers.

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