UN, EU and US condemn Zambia for closing critical newspaper

EU, US and UN condemn Zambian govt for closing Post Newspaper

The European Union, the United States Government and the United Nations Development Programme have strongly condemned the closure of the Post newspapers. The three probably most powerful and influential foreign entities in Zambia have since called for the immediate re-opening of the Post Newspapers. UNDP Resident Representative Janet Rogan in a media dispatch said stiffling independent media and debate during this time as the country goes to elections is not good. Ms. Rogan further said the Zambian Government through the Zambia Revenue Authority should be fair in the way it collects taxes and should collect taxes from the Post the same way it collects from other media institutions.

The United States government through a posting on its Embassy Website has called on the ZRA and the Post to find an amicable solution to the stand off as the Post offers an alternative to other forms of the media during this election time. The European Union which represents 27 European countries has also expressed disappointment at the closure of the Post Newspapers. The PF government has closed the Post Newspapers because the outgoing government is scared that the Post would disclose how the Edgar Lungu government want to rig the Presidential elections. The PF with Timor Consulting intend to cook up fake figures and the government owned papers would then announce that Lungu has won. By the time the opposition challenge the results, the matter would have been referred to the constitution court that is headed by Edgar Lungu’s puppet Hildah Chibomba and deputised by Flugence Chisanga who then as High Court Judge declared Lungu PF President even when Miles Sampa had challenged the election of Lungu at the Kabwe convention. The Constitution court would then throw out the opposition challenge and by this time Lungu with his minions including Erick Chimense the randy Ahir Commander would have deployed the army around the country and Zambia would bé turned into a Police State and a State of Emergency declared.

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