UN gets rid of Rogan, PF gives her permanent residency

UN gets rid of Rogan, PF gives her permanent residency

The United Nations has finally discarded former UN resident coordinator to Zambia Janet Rogan for professional misconduct during her time in the country. But the PF still want to use her for 2021 elections.

After several months of serious investigations, UN came to a satisfactory conclusion that Rogan took a partisan stance in helping the Patriotic Front rig the 2016 elections.

She has completely lost all her ties with the UN who have since replaced her with Dr. Gardio Coumba who is already in Zambia.

However, Rogan is resisting to handover the car and property to the new resident coordinator as per UN norm. Her resistance to hand over UN property like car, generator and flag amounts to theft.

And it has come to light that Rogan has been given a permanent residence permit in Zambia by the PF hence her resistance to leave the country.

Apart from a permanent VISA she has been given, Rogan who played a huge role in helping PF ‘win’ the 2016 elections has been provided with State security.

She has also been given a property in Lusaka with huge sums of money for the role she played in 2016.

The motive behind PF giving her a permanent residence permit is to help them rig the 2021 elections.

From the time Dr. Coumba came into the country, Rogan collaborating with Finance Minister Margret Mwanakatwe have continued to seek appointment with the new UN Resident Coordinator and other UN Mission Heads in Zambia in a bid aimed at soliciting for support in ensuring that victory was guaranteed for PF in 2021.

Rogan who at one time served in Israel was again ejected from that country after she interfered in the elections of Israel as a secret agent bringing confusion and division which up to now the country is still struggling to deal with.

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