UN refuses to recognise Lungu, as he is placed last to speak

The United Nations head of state chief organising committee has placed Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu as the last speaker for the deliberations. Lungu will address possibly empty chairs around 01:00hours Zambian time.

It is believed that by that time most democratic addresses would have been delivered. And in other terms this shows how the Zambian president is not taken serious across the globe. The position to speak also comes after a commitment that he would come back and sort out the political mess he has created back home.

According to a program released by the UN Chief organising committee, Mr. Lungu will speak last at a time when other presidents would have either left or basically in deep asleep.

The empty address by President Lungu will again show the world that Zambia’s tax payer has been abused.

The UN has refused to recognize Mr Lungu as legitimate President hence placing him as the last speaker so as to lessen embarrassments on him.

And a PF Cadre “Godfrey Siwale” has confirmed on social media by posting the said program.

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