UN should not allow itself to be used by PF



Today’s Zambia Daily Mail Thursday August 27 2015 reports: “Tasila, President Lungu’s daughter accompanying the UN Resident Coordinator Ms Rogan & Permanent Secretary Agnes Musunga in inspecting UNICEF & Govt sponsored programmes in Northern Province”. This is highly irregular and totally unacceptable ! In what capacity was Tasila Lungu accompanying the UN Resident Coordinator ? What is her work related connection to the Resident Coordinator or UNICEF for that matter ? We see none. We can thus only conclude that the PF in its desperation to maintain a strong hold on the Northern Province is now beginning to violate the neutrality of international organisations such as the UN by portraying the achievements of the UN as those of the PF. Why should the PF President’s daughter suddenly be featured masquerading & trying to take credit for the work of an International Organisation in an area where electioneering is already underway.
We must strongly condemn this clandestine & totally unacceptable plot by the PF Govt. International Organisations such as the UN are impartially doing a great job for the country & should therefore not be abused in a partisan manner to boost the image of a failed leadership ! We must serve this as a warning to the PF who it is becoming apparent that between now & 2016 Elections, have intentions of covertly bullying or imposing on the international community a relationship that is intent on building a false image that takes credit from achievements that are not PF’s. We therefore must strongly call upon PF to desist forthwith from taking this desperate, disingenuous & pathetic path which has potential to mislead the voters
Indignant UN worker

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