Unable to repay loan, man tries suicide

Unable to repay loan, man tries suicide

screen-shot-2017-03-10-at-07-44-31This happened the same day other Zambians in Lusaka were dying while jostling for free food. A day earlier, Zambia’s rulers had just returned from Israel for shopping and touring the tomb of Jesus. We are sure Jesus would have fed the poor instead.


A 25 year old man overwhelmed by debt decided to end his life by jumping from a communication tower, but the suicide flopped as he was counselled out of the deadly mission.

Barry Mupansa climbed the 80-metre communication tower around 12:00hours near Kabwe Institute of Technology and people only saw him when he was on top ready to make the deathly plunge.
“The reason why I am doing this is I got a loan and I can’t pay,” Mupansa, who was in a confused state and looked exhausted, said after he was rescued.

He said he got a loan of K50,000 in 2015 and after deductions, he gets K1,700 as take-home pay.

Mupansa, who works for a security wing where he is farm manager, said he also got goods on credit from a businessman, who was pressuring him to clear the debt.
“I have tried to explain to my family but no-one understands me and I have been chased from home,” he said as scores of on-lookers surged forward to catch a glimpse of him.

The police officers who rescued Mupansa told him that everyone in Zambia is suffering but killing himself is not the answer. One police officer was heard saying he had not even paid for his children’ school fees as his salary is just inadequate.

The officers encouraged Mupansa to have hope because things will improve in future for all Zambians.

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