‘Unaffordable mealie meal price due to lifted subsidies’

Christians Against Poverty in Zambia (CAPIZ) has attributed the high price of mealie meal in the country to government’s decision to remove maize subsidies.

And the organization has advised the government through the Ministry of Agriculture to convene an urgent meeting with the Millers Association of Zambia to discuss the way forward with regards the high mealie meal prices.

CAPIZ Executive Director Reverend Gregory Chileshe has told QFM News in an interview that government should not blame millers for the high mealie meal prices in the country.

Reverend Chileshe says the high price of mealie meal is as a result of government’s policies being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Reverend Chileshe says it is unreasonable for the government to shift the blame to millers for the escalating mealie meal prices in the country.

He says the ministry responsible should be thinking of implementing policies that will address the situation rather than blaming millers.

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