UPND shocked Lungu is now calling Chawama residents ‘thugs’

It makes sad reading and I hope Edgar Lungu was misquoted by the media that our peaceful party the UPND has hired thugs from Chawama, his former constituency and residential area, to go and cause violence in Lubansenshi and Solwezi constituency by-elections.

We believe it a huge insult and very demeaning for Lungu to view his own people in Chawama as a mere bunch of thugs that can just be rented for political violence.

Lungu today owes everything he has achieved to the top as president with the support he got from the same people of Chawama whom he nows views as mere thugs.

We believe they kept him during the trying moments and elected him as Member of Parliament, gave him a massive presidential vote and recently again gave him an MP.

We believe Lungu owes the people of Chawama an apology because if indeed they are thugs as he labelled them, he contributed to their poverty that has brewed thuggery in them.

If Lungu can view the people of Chawama who have been giving him all such support with such contempt and insults, we wonder how he views the rest of the other Zambians.

At a time Lungu is supposed to be acknowledging and addressing the economic challenges the people of Chawama are facing, he is just seeing thuggery in their suffering and that is how today he is thanking them.

We all know who has been causing violence in by-elections, including the top leadership of PF such as Davies Chama who shot people in Mulobezi.

Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary General

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