Under age kids in night clubs

Under age kids in night clubs

What happened to Under age in clubs 🔞

I remember back then when I was growing up, when I was under 18 to be precise entering a club wasn’t easy as it is today.
If I’m to a enter a club an amount of money was to be paid to the door bouncers and those where slim chances, and if I go through I wouldn’t maneuver, I would stay confined at one point because immediately I move all eyes would be on me and I would be chased.

Now let’s look at today, you would find the clubs are mostly crowded by teens who are under 18 years of age. You would find the same teens are the one’s even telling you “Seleni tupiteko” in a club if you’re in their way.

One would honestly wonder and question What happened to under age 🔞 In clubs?
Is it because we’ve an economic crisis In Zambia where by club owners don’t worry about who enters their clubs, all they care about is alcohol finishing in their chillers and them making a profit?
Well let’s look at the other side of the coin, These teenagers are becoming vulnerable to sexual activities because of what they see happening In clubs and in most cases some of them are failing to continue with their education and running away from homes due to these addictions and at the end of the day lives of these teenagers are ruined.

It’s not about starting to sale alcohol at 10:00hrs and saying there’s high consumption of alcohol in Zambia but it’s about who’s consuming that alcohol and implementing laws to reduce that.
the government should really look into this.

Moses Mwelumuka
concerned citizen

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