Under Lungu, Zambia has gone to dogs

Zambia has gone to Dogs. This may sound crude but it undisputable. Under Edgar Chakolwa Chagwa Lungu we can all say goodbye to democracy and rule of law. The reason is very simple. Lungu is not in control. It is Juju in control. The one with more powerful Juju the Edgar calls the shots and that person right now is Kaizer Zulu. The fact is that Kaizer is the Defacto President of Zambia. While Lungu is busy competing with Mark Mubalama over that prostitute called Dora Siliya Kaizer is calling shots. The happenings of yesterday Sunday April 2 2017 prove just that. We are aware that many Patriotic Fools supporters will not agree to this. At the venue for the UPND rally in Kanyama there were more Police officers surrounding it than necessary. Yes. That same number of Police officers could have provided the same security to the Upnd. The PF Police said they can not manage the numbers to Police the UPND rally. Where did those Police Lumpens come from?


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