Under Lungu’s PF, Zambia now put on high risk alert

Zambia, which was once a beacon of peace and democracy has now been graded as a country slowly becoming a rogue state by the Fund for Peace under its latest fragile states index (FSI 2016), along with other countries like Djibouti, Lebanon, Cambodia among others.

“We are pleased to present the twelfth annual fragile states index. The FSI focuses on the indicators of risk and is based on the thousands of articles that are processed by our CAST software from electronically available sources. We encourage others to utilise the fragile states index to develop ideas for promoting greater stability worldwide. We hope the index will spur conversations, encourage debate, and most of all help guide strategies for sustainable security,” reads the report. (See link http://fsi.fundforpeace.org/).

The Fund for Peace (FFP) is an independent, non partisan, nonprofit research and educational organisation that works to prevent violent conflict and promote sustainable security. It focuses on the problems of weak and failing states.

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