Under PF; Chingola lies in ruins

Dear editor,
Allow me to use your media to air my heartfelt displeasure of the economic status of Chingola which is the pillar of mining in Zambia. Before privitisation,Nchanga mine was an asset to Chingola Town and Zambia at large, in the sense that it invested heavily in human
resource and enviroment within which it operated.

It built houses,roads,stations,all sport centres like cricket,football,tenis,rugby,swimming pools,racket,hospitals etc and all these, were nicely looked after from copper proceeds.

The mining activities had 10,000 direct jobs and another 15000-20000 indirect jobs in contractors and suppliers as at 1993.

However,the bad MMD policies destroyed the foundation of employment through privitisation which has ruined all the good Zccm had done in

My main concern is that people found hope in the change of government which promised more jobs for Zambians in the mining industries as opposed to imported Indian and Chinese labour that had taken up jobs that could be done by Zambians.

IT was this promise that rejuvenated the hope of a good life for those who were there and it also brought up the election of the PF

10 months of PF in power,i went to Chingola and i was shocked to discover the following:-

1) There are more Indians working in KCM than before and these are staying as many as 80 people in one house somewhere in 12 street in
town centre and you might wonder whether the council or government exists.

2) Street vending has become the order of the day in once upon a time the cleanest town in Zambia due to unemployment which has  left
families on the street.For example, If you take a walk in town,you will only see Indians as workers doing all the shopping as the case is
in Chambishi with Chinese.

3) Local contractors and suppliers have been obliterated by Indians in preference for their fellow Indians leaving out the locals with no
money in their pockets.The locals were asured of business by Pf  prior to the general election but currently, it looks like Pf is benefiting from this as they have shown no concern in any way to intervene in this affair.

4) Outsourcing is still rife at Kcm and again prior to the general elections, the PF promised to put a stop to it in 90days, but again,they have gone deaf on it and non, including mines minster Yaluma has never touched it in his addresses.

Who is going to liberate the Zambians if the PF who sided with the poor during their 10 year in opposition can suddenly distance itself from facing the problems in Chingola head on?

Are we back to the MMD days where crying and suffering are for the poor and free things and enjoment are for those in the corridors of

Go to Chingola today,you will come back  crying as the town is completely dead and burried.I am also told that PF’s Wyinter Kabimba is also busy in the Newspapers and he is only communicating to his members through the media and that, PF party structures are just on

We are watching like Mark2’s song “Ndololeshafye”

Mike Shila

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