Unequal distribution of loadshedding

Dear ZWD
Good afternoon. Please hide my identity.
My concern is the unfair distribution of power by ZESCO. What criteria are they using to distribute power? It has come to my attention that in some areas of Lusaka such as Kaunda Square, Kabwata, libala hardly experience loadshedding and if power goes it would be not more than 4hrs, while in places like Handsworth Park it goes sometimes more than 8hours. For instance yesterday it went before scheduled time instead of 14:00hrs it went around 12:00hrs and was restored almost around 22:00hrs. My questions for ZESCO are: do those areas need power more than we do? Why are they biased? Does this have anything to do with votes? Are there more registered voters there than other places?
It it so frustrating and it is a huge draw back in terms of productive activities.

We don’t even know our fate for today because power went around 11:00hrs.

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