Unfair dismissals at Impala warehousing Ndola

Unfair Dismissals at Impala warehousing and Logistics Zambia

Please assist me spread this news through your media. I would like to stay anonymous for fear of being victimized.

I would like to bring to the attention of the general public and relevant government authorities the unfair job dismissals and instant firing of employees in a company called Impala warehousing and logistics located in industrial area in Ndola’s Lukasu road near masala police station.

Just as the PF is trying to create employment and ensure job security some companies are working in the opposite by firing people unfairly.

Recently four senior member of management at the above mentioned company were fired instantly without proper reasons given for their dismissal.

The dismissed included an HR manager, Finance Manager, warehouse operations Manager and a country manager. Within a few days of firing the above mentioned employees, a new so called expatriate to replace the country manager was brought from south africa. This new country manager is in the country working without a working permit and working illegally. The new country manager is threatening to fire old employees one by one, He intends to bring in other people from outside the country whom he believes can perform better than our Zambian employees in the country. I would like to call upon the Immigration department to stop this trend as we are losing employment to these people coming from outside calling themselves expatriates

With this said above, I would like goverment through relevant authorities to move in and enforce our Zambian labour laws before our fellow Zambians lose out at the expense of these expatriates coming in our country without proper work documents.

I end here and humbly ask you to publish this article and make our government aware of how these investors are treating our fellow country men.

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