Union leader accused of betrayal

The Agriculture Technical and Professional staff Union of Zambia (ATPUZ) ) Mungwi branch members have demanded unreserved apology from
their Secretary General Joe Kamutumwa for issuing what they termed a
divisive statement .

ATPUZ members said they felt betrayed by Mr. Kamutumwa for affirming that public service workers who went on strike should have their salaries forfeited.

They said it was unfortunate that the union leader instead of protecting the interests
of workers went ahead to discredited the members by taking sides on the matter.

The members have threatened to withdraw membership from ATPUZ if the
union leader fails to apologise within twenty-four hours.

Mr. Kamutumwa is quoted to have supported government’s decision not to pay health workers who had gone on strike for over a month.

He said it would be unfair for government to pay workers who had downed tools as doing so would be encouraging workers to be going on strike when aggrieved.

He said they were other public workers who were not happy with the 15 percent increment who did not down tools.

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