Unions, farmers to resume protests over none payments and wage freeze after Sata’s burial

Farmers from various parts of the country are planning protest on their none payments of the money by the PF government over the agriculture produce they supplied to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

And the various workers unions that had also shelved their protest over the PF imposed wage freeze will resume soon their demands and protests soon after the burial of late president Michael Sata.

Farmers representatives in areas such as Luwingu, Nakonde, Lundazi and other parts of the country have complained of none payment by the bankrupt PF government.

“We are also left with no option but to get back our maize and other produce because we cannot afford the current hunger. We are failing to pay school fees for our children. We are better off getting our maize and sell it to briefcase businessmen. We have no money to pay for fertilizer support programme. We are just waiting for the period of national mourning in honour of late president Sata,” complained some farmers representatives.

And the unions across the country that had threatened wage freeze have equally indicated that they will resume their demands and protests for the lifting of the wage freeze.

Some of the unions say they cost of living is way beyond what they can afford and have since demanded for salary increments and better living conditions.

It is clear that whoever assumes office, will have to inherit a mountain of problems by the PF government that he will be unable to sort out within one year and some months before the next elections in 2016.

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