‘UNIP had 100% MPs in parley but was kicked out’

By Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa


Because of his greed and  unrestrained  thirst for power President Sata has gone on an uncontrollable rampage poaching opposition MPs in a futile and disgraceful attempt to maintain his precarious and slippery hold on power.

I sympathise with the fact that he worked as a policeman in the colonial and repressive British government and hence he cherishes autocratic forms of government.

However times have changed very few dictatorships remain on earth and they are all on life support.

The PF government is now so bloated so full of all sorts pests and parasites that if it was a cow weighing 50kgs the Pests and Parasites now weigh over 150kgs!

How can a sane opposition Member of parliament join a government that supports the destruction of our democracy by clamping down of civil liberties, shielding people like Kabimba from facing the law, inducing expensive but worthless by elections? The kwacha has gone mad not to mention the coming back of the UNIP era shortages? The answer to this question is simple: Greed! The same greed that makes a pig eat its own children!

The opposition MPs Joining the PF government have become a bunch of hyena headed belly dragging Parasites masquerading as representatives of the people!

The PF won the September 2011elections, because it promised to do things better than the MMD now we know it was all lies and hot air.

If people voted out the MMD who gave them fertilisers and seed on time, bumper harvests and cheap mealie meal. What do you think they will do to this incompetent and tyrannical  PF regime when elections 2016 come?!

What threatens the PFs hold on power is not the opposition, but their failure to deliver on their many campaign  promises. The earlier they realise that the better. MMD poached MPs but today it is out of power.

The other problem is that the PF is poaching crooks and all sorts of shady and unscrupulous characters  . I wander why the PF loves crooks so much? We may be forgiven for concluding that it is because it is a government of crooks and cheats!

UNIP had a 100 percent control of the National assembly in 1991 and that didn’t stop the people from kicking Kaunda and  his incompetent, ruthless and tyrannical regime out of power!

In a disordered mind lies the source of all human unhappiness. It makes us wonder from one fantasy to another and if its spell leaves us in the end it is by then too late. The hour strikes and the man dies detesting life.

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