UNIP members defect to PF

Former UNIP Kasenengwa MP, Timothy Nyirenda and several others has defected from UNIP to PF.

Speaking in Lusaka Tuesday, Nyirenda said the former members of the former ruling decided to join the PF to help shape the future of the country.
Mr. Nyirenda, who is also former UNIP Kasenengwa MP said the defection of many UNIP members to the patriotic front marked the end the existence of UNIP.

He noted that the party has no future adding that people with intentions to remain in UNIP should be ready to ‘dance’ to former President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s tune.

Mr. Nyirenda accused Dr. Kaunda of aligning himself with government in a bid to seek protection and that of his children.

He alleged that UNIP has collapsed and become irrelevant to the country political scene because of undue interference from the former head of state.

And PF spokes person Given Lubinda said his party was busy preparing for the 2011 tripartite elections.
He appealed to the new members to work hard and ensure that it forms government.

Mwiche, who also defected to PF, said because of the influence of KK, UNIP has become irrelevant though, it was the party that formed this nation.

He advised KK and Tilyenji to desist from personalizing UNIP as it is a political party and not a family club.

And former UNIP National Chairman, Mutale Mwiche accused Dr. Kaunda of turning UNIP into what he termed his personal farm.

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