UNIP responds to Kabimba

Opposition United National Independence Party (UNIP) Acting Secretary General Jemima Banda says has taken a swipe at his Patriotic Front (PF ) counterpart Winter Kabimba’s attacks on first President Kenneth Kaunda.

Mr Banda said in a statement that the first republican President Dr. Kaunda has the right to advise politicians to practice clean politics in the country.

The UNIP Acting Secretary General said that Mr. Kabimba should not be excited on the matter as the former head of state’s statement was not meant to injure anyone.

“Dr. Kaunda statement was rather constructive advice to anybody who cares to listen,” Mr. Banda added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Banda challenged Mr. Kabimba to just explain how he acquired properties in Independence Avenue, one on Njoka Road and Taverns which he turned into business Centre.

‘Lusaka residents would like to know who shared Council properties during his reign as Town Clerk,” he said.

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