UNIP supports re-introduction of communist projects like Indeco

UNIP, or what is remaining of it says it is in full support of the Patriotic Front regime’s plans to re-establish the Industrial Development Corporation (INDECO).
Party president Tilyenji Kaunda said this in an interview in Lusaka yesterday during the launch of UNIP membership renewal for 2014.
During UNIP’s 27-year reign (1964-1991), the Government established INDECO, a consortium of industries established to enhance development and create jobs.
“We are in full support of the government’s plans to re-introduce INDECO because that is the only way Zambians can take part in improving their economy. As UNIP, we are saying that that is a good thing and it is a welcome move,” Mr Kaunda said.
Mr Kaunda was accompanied by senior party officials to the event at which the party discussed its involvement in commemorating Zambia’s Golden Jubilee on 24th October, 2014.
He said INDECO flourished during the UNIP era but it went under when the MMD government came to power.
“In 1990 the International Monetary Fund report showed that our economy grew by more than 4 percent. We had a bumper harvest and mealie- meal was cheap. But in 1991 the MMD government got away what we had created, people lost their jobs and life was never the same,” he said.
He said nothing about the price of mealie meal today.
UNIP is one of the only two liberation movements in the region that lost power due to bad leadership and economic policies.
All the other countries in the southern African region except for Malawi and Zambia are still ruled by the same parties that fought for independence. maybe there is something wrong with leaders with Malawian roots?
Zimbabwe is still being ruled by ZANU-PF, Angola by MPLA, Namibia by SWAPO, SA by ANC, Mozambique by Frelimo, Botswana by Botswana Democratic Party.

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