Unity despite different political views


By Hellen Chanda Makanta

As Zambians, we are all involved or rather affected with the politics of governance of our country. We therefore find ourselves affiliated to different political parties and groups because of different beliefs and dedications. Others are members and supporters of the M.M.D, others are members and supporters of the ruling patriotic front, others are members of the U.P.N.D and so many more thanks to our democratic rights of association.

Often times, we have heard of political violence, insults and different forms of abuse, (on certain occasions even gender involved abuses) from political leaders and groups. People calling equating each other to dogs chewing on bones that have lost taste, people beating up others because they are cadres of a certain political party, people almost attacking an opposition leader leading him to escape for his life narrowly on rooftops and many other occasions unfortunately too numerous to mention.

My involvement to a certain political party does not by any slight chance make me less of Zambian. I should not be beaten simply because I do not believe in the U.P.N.D ideas and ideals. I should not be shot at because I do not agree with policies that the patriotic front is putting in place. What we need to understand is that despite been a F.D.D member, firstly I am a zambian and I am your sister. Firstly, you are a zambian and you are my brother. Our citizenship comes first.

As a matter of fact, when we find that we have different views and beliefs. We ought to appreciate each other and discuss and indeed agree to disagree. If indeed as a political party our intention is to serve the citizens, we shouldn’t mind sharing our views to the governing Party in order for them to implement our views and in the end the citizens are found to have benefited. There is absolutely no need for stones and pangas and guns. What is important is that we remain united as Citizens.

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