Unjust incarceration of HH is source of tension – Milupi

Unjust incarceration of HH is source of tension – Milupi



“The judiciary needs to bear in mind that unreasonable delays by the prosecution are a violation of Hakainde Hichilema’s constitutional rights. It is critical and only fair that HH is given a speedy trial so that we avoid a situation where HH is given a lengthy and unfounded imprisonment without being found guilty of any charge,” says Milupi, a former law maker.

He further charged that going by last year’s contentious election results, HH got 47.63% and that means that he is not an ordinary person as he controls close to half of the country. That being the status then keeping such an influential man would worsen the situation in the nation.

“It is not a hidden secret that HH is the leader of the largest opposition party in Zambia. HH garnered 1,760,347 votes from the contentious 2016 Presidential election. This represents 47.63% of the total votes cast, in principle HH controls half of the country,” further reads the statement accessed by the Watchdog.

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