Unlike Zim, Zambia too dirty to host UNWTO

It has come to my concern as a Livingstone resident towards the preparations for this big event.

Up to now! The Committee in charge hasn’t put any measures to collect and dispose of garbage. The city is very dirty. Technical know-how: we don’t have enough qualified tour guides with knowledge in our culture and biodiversity compared to Zimbabwe. Human-animal conflict is high in Zambia compared to Zimbabwe. Thugs in our streets are more compared to Zimbabwe. Our city is very dirty compared to Zimbabwe Vic falls. Livingstone townships has no water & has poor sanitation compared to Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, they have built modern market to accommodate tourists, whilst in L/stone there’s none…

Pls madam Masebo, consult from us we shall help to deliver to the world. I can assure Zambians that,

The provincial minister, Permanent secretary & his deputy, District commissioner, The Mayor & Town clerk, they have failed to plan for good preparation. Zambian Leaders are too lazy to achieve a target. Shame to P.F. government to fail to control the situation.

Joseph Mwanza

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